Success Club

Cash Flow Club. Toastmasters.

Those aren’t an option right now.

There are other options, though.

I’ve created a Facebook Group.

I call it “Success Club“.

Maybe someone will suggest a better name.

Please join. I’d like this to be a thriving community.

Quarantine Blues

This whole quarantine thing is really getting to me. I’ve had so many ideas for things I could do to improve. But those ideas are thwarted by the current situation.

I want to join some organizations I think will help me. Specifically, I want to join Toastmasters and a Cash Flow Club. I might do more than that, but I think those will be a good start.

I seriously need to improve the influences in my life. Reading good books helps, but it isn’t enough. Right now I’m spending way to much time around angry people who have no interest in improving themselves, and not enough time around happy people who want to be better.